Thursday, January 4, 2018


I waded out in the storm a few minutes ago to fill up the sled with firewood. 

Waded is exactly the perfect word.  Snow was almost up to my knees.  It's actually pretty awesome.  I actually really love the snow. 

Before I could make my way out of the door, however, I had to shovel the snow away from the doorway so that when I came back into the house with the sled-full of firewood, I wouldn't track half the front yard's worth of flakes back into the house with me.  I mean, it cleans up easily since we replaced the carpeting with tile, but less is better, if we can, because an accumulation of too much snow inside the door makes it hard to firmly close the door. 

Aside:  After I came back inside 
the house, I had to mop up the 
snow-turned-to-water, and I 
said, "The floor needed to be 
mopped anyway!"  And I thought, 
"Hey, I am an optimist ;).  

While I was outside, shoveling in a blizzard, I thought about my lifestyle. 

We heat with wood (off-grid).
We cook with an electric stove (grid dependent).
We line-dry all of our clothes (off-grid).
We wash all of the clothes in a machine (grid dependent).
We have a propane hot water tank (off grid).
We have a houseful of electronic devices (grid dependent).
Most of our devices can be charged with solar chargers or the bicycle generator (off grid).
We have an electric refrigerator and freezer (grid dependent).
We can and dehydrate a lot of food each year (off grid).

We have a garden that is maintained, solely, with hand tools.
We raise chickens and rabbits for food.
I make some of my own clothes. 
We repair, if we're able, instead of purchasing new.

Have you seen those "Never have I ever" posts on Facebook?  It's a list of things one may or may not have done.  For every one "not" done, one receives a point.  On this one, I have only one point.  

I've never milked a goat.  But I have milked a cow ... and myself (both using a pump and by hand - don't judge.  I breastfed for a long time and had a very sick baby at one point).  Does that count?

Anyway, all of these things got me thinking, and I realized that, while our ultimate goal is to be free of dependence on the grid, what we have is, probably, the best of both worlds.  

I'm going to call our lifestyle "Grid Light."  We still have a lot of luxurious modern amenities, that we very much enjoy, but we also do a LOT of stuff for ourselves.  It's happy marriage.

What about you?  Are you grid-light - not off grid, but if the power goes off, it's not a big deal?


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  1. Great list! I'm 2- never butchered and animal or harvested taters, but we're growing some this next summer! Hubby won't go for a wood stove, but we do use less energy than most I think. We're thinking about solar on our roof. Our problems would be heat in the winter, although I bough some kerosene heaters. Great ideas...