Monday, November 13, 2017

New Toy

There's a story I like to tell about this time that Deus Ex Machina and I were hauling wood.  Our daughters were still very small (the youngest was, maybe, six), and so while they've always helped to the best of their ability, in those early days when we first started heating with wood full-time and worked to keep our costs low by sourcing free wood whenever we could, Deus Ex Machina and I did most of the work.  He did the cutting and chopping.  I did the carrying and stacking.

The story is about this one time that I tried to do the chopping, but I wasn't doing a very good job.  The maul is very heavy and awkward for me.  I'm just so terrified that I'm going to miss the log and hit my shin.  Anyway, without going into detail, he made fun of me.  I haven't tried to split wood since that time, and I certainly don't EVER split wood where he can see me.

The problem is that I have a lot more time than he has to do things, like split wood.  I just didn't have the tools. 

Last fall, Deus Ex Machina's dad invited us onto his 25 acre, mostly wooded property to glean the standing dead wood and to thin some trees from an area that was overcrowded.  His dad has a lot of toys and tools, including a gas-powered hydraulic woodsplitter, which both I and Precious learned to operate. 

Here she is working.

I was impressed by how easy it was for her.  I'm not comfortable with big, loud machines.  I don't even have a gas-powered lawn mower.  Not that I "can't" use them.  I just prefer - quieter - alternatives.       

The other issue is that to use the woodsplitter, we have to go over the in-laws' house, which is a half-hour drive.  No problem if we're there already, getting wood, and we're just splitting what we've taken from his woods.  But, occasionally, we are given wood from other sources, and this wood almost always needs to be split.  We just don't have the money or the storage space for a big, gas-powered splitter, and loading the wood onto the truck and driving it over to his dad's to split there is just not the most efficient way of doing things.

I've been asking Deus Ex Machina to get a manual woodsplitter for a few years.

And we, finally, have one.

Ours is very similar to this one on Amazon - and it works great!   

And now, I can tackle the cord or so of wood we have in the yard that still needs to split ... well, on a day when it's not spitting snow ;). 


  1. We have one! And I love it
    Certainly much better than swinging the axe. Which I used to have to do. Even while heavily pregnant
    May you have many years of faithful service from your new toy xxx