Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Low-Energy Lights

Many of my friends and acquaintances were without power this week.  As such, we've had a few chats (mostly on Facebook) about different solutions.

For lighting, one friend recommends these:

They're a solar LED light that can be super bright.  Last summer, when Deus Ex Machina was preparing for his second attempt with Big Little Sister of the 100 Mile Wilderness on the Appalachian Trail, we saw these lanterns at the Eastern Mountain Sports store.  

After spending two days without electricity, and now really motivated to get off-grid, I'm thinking these lights would be awesome as an alternative to electric-powered lights.  Sure, they're still an LED bulb, just like the ones in our fixtures, and sure, our LED lights don't use a lot of electricity, but imagine using NO electricity and getting the same amount/quality of light?

These don't cost much more than a good LED bulb.  

The first step to transitioning to an alt-energy system is to reduce.  The less electricity we use, the less we need to generate.  Win/win.   


  1. I think they are a great idea. Just make sure to remember to take them out every day to recharge

  2. Yes to these! I hope you are back on grid at this point? Some near us were out til late Saturday. I don't have a solar radio which would be good in a wide outage.

    1. We were without power for just over two days. It was no big deal for us. We didn't lose anything in the freezer, and even after two days, the stuff in the fridge was still cold.