Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Finding Purpose for My Stuff

With the back room finished, I've been working on improving the functionality of our home.  Decluttering is part of the process, and part of the decluttering process is sorting through boxes and baskets that have been filled with stuff and then tucked into a corner somewhere ... and mostly forgotten about.

The thing with my house, as I know I've said so many times, is that we don't have storage, and so everything is kind of out in the open, but not.  I have boxes of things on a shelf or baskets of whatever tucked next to a chair.  The stuff is usually things I don't want to throw away, but which I don't have a place for, and so those things just get stuffed.  My current goal is to unstuff the stuff, and if it's stuff I really do want to keep, to find a place for it.

Like my pair of wooden clogs.  My parents purchased them for me in Amsterdam when I was six.  They're real, hand-carved wooden clogs, and at this point, they're antiques.  Obviously, I can't wear them, but I also didn't want to just toss them away.  I knew I wanted to put them on the wall, but I wanted them to do more than just be empty vessels on a wall. 

Little Fire Faery loves plants, and she has a particular affinity for succulents.  The local garden center has a section that's primarily houseplants.  They're open year-round, and recently, they were having a sale on some of their plants.  She talked me into going over there, because she'd earned a few dollars dog-sitting and needed to spend her money on more plants.

I found some air plants and knew exactly what I wanted to do with those clogs. 

This is in my hallway, and this spot has always been bare.  I've been trying to figure out where to put that clock that Big Little Sister bought for Deus Ex Machina for Christmas last year, and that plaque was a gift from Deus Ex Machina's former boss. 

I like it, and it gives a place for all of those things that were just tucked in a corner not doing anyone any good.  Total cost for me was $6 for the plants. 

A few weeks ago, I found a storage ottoman that was perfect for our small living room.  It gives us extra seating and has a compartment for storage.  I haven't, really, put much in that storage compartment, yet, except some blankets and a yoga mat, which is perfect, because when I need a space for something, I'll have it.

The top is soft and pillowy, which is what we wanted for seating, but it's not great for a coffee table.  The solution is an ottoman tray, which can be purchased for many dollars.  I started looking for something at the thrift stores, because I just can't afford the "new" price.  Unfortunately it's not an item that people get rid of.  Then, I found this tray for a couple of dollars at the thrift store, and those handles for free behind a dumpster.

I already had some black paint, and yesterday, I had some time to put everything together.  

Here's my tray all fixed up and doing its job. 

Studies have shown a link between clutter and depression.  Anecdotally, from my personal experience, I can validate those studies from the perspective of how relieved and *not* depressed I feel after having cleared most of the clutter.  

My next project is to tackle the kitchen clutter.  That'll be fun.


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