Monday, October 30, 2017

Unexpected Power-Less Day

At 05:45, Deus Ex Machina walked through our bedroom with a flashlight to let the dogs out.  The familiar glow of the kitchen light streaming down the hall was absent, and it was eerily dark in the bedroom.  

"Is the power out?"

"Yes," he replied.

"Do you want to fire up the wood stove to make coffee?" I asked.

"I will."  

I curled back into the down comforter and tried to doze.  

We were really busy this weekend.  It was the last weekend for the fall show at the theater where we volunteer.  Deus Ex Machina was backstage crew.  Little Fire Faery, Precious, and I were ushers.  I also worked in the Box Office during the day on Saturday, and so the weekend was pretty well shot for doing anything else.  

There's this sweet, elderly gentleman who regularly volunteers at the theater.  He shows up, rain or shine, or raging blizzard, every Saturday night, during the run of every show.  He likes to tell other volunteers, "You do good work here."  

This past Saturday, he told me that there was supposed to be a huge storm on Sunday night into Monday, with a lot of rain and strong winds.  Power outages were likely, he informed me, and he asked if I was ready.  I, kind of, chuckled, thinking most of these "storms" are usually not much to worry about and dismissed his warning.  I mean, he was probably just regurgitating what he heard from the television, and historically, weathermen like to hype up their storms.  When I do actively and consciously prepare, it's always for nothing.  

This morning, when I woke to a dark house, I still wasn't worried.  I just started thinking about what we had by way of resources for cooking and lighting.  My biggest two concerns are the refrigerator and freezer and the sump pump that pulls the water from the septic tank into the leach field, but since I won't be running the washer (couldn't, even if I wanted to), there shouldn't be too much water in there.  And as long as we keep the doors closed on the freezer and the fridge, we should be good for a day or two - at very least.  

I didn't go to the store to prepare for this storm.  In fact, I'm not sure what I would have purchased had I gone.  We have candles and flashlights with working batteries - although I suppose one can never have too many of those things.  

The thing is, I am ALWAYS preparing for this sort of thing, because it happens.  It happens with enough frequency that I stay prepared for power outages.  

Last week, my daughters and I stopped at the craft store for some origami paper.  The store's fall decor and Halloween stuff was all on sale, and I picked up some glo-bracelets for 70% off, because glo-sticks are nice to have for safe lighting for the bathrooms during power outages.   

Fall candles were also on sale, and I bought a few - not because I was preparing for this event (which at the time, I wasn't even aware was going to happen), but because Little Fire Faery likes having a candle in her room for the ambiance.  What can I say?  She 's a teenager.  And she's a good teenager.  If she wants a candle, I'm okay with that.  

This morning, Deus Ex Machina made coffee.  I put the big iron skillet on the wood stove and made bacon and egg sandwiches (with toasted bread!) for breakfast.  As Deus Ex Machina was leaving for work, I was filling up the big kettle so that we could have hot water for cleaning or bathing.  

Things will move slower.  There will be things that I can't do, like run the washing machine, but the sky is overcast and it's rainy, so I wouldn't be doing laundry anyway.  

Most other things, though, will not change.  

And that's what it actually means to be prepared - when the power goes out, one can still go about one's daily tasks with only slight modifications.  

And now, I need to conserve my laptop battery. Be back soon!

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  1. What a storm! I did put a few things away to have have fewer missiles, but otherwise was prepared to have no power. We are fortunate to have had only a lot of blinking on and off. More people lost power than in the big icestorm! I do hope you don't lose your freezer contents; of course you are beautifully prepared.