Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Some Things I Like

A few years ago, I was approached by an author friend who was writing a magazine article that would discuss tools that we, homesteaders, felt were invaluable. 

I have two.

The first is a good pair of gloves.  I prefer leather gloves, as they are sturdier for the kinds of work that I have to do around my homestead.  I had a pair similar to these, and given that they were very thin and unlined, I was surprised at how warm they were.  The gloves fit my hand like a second skin and kept the cold wind from touching me.

Gloves are essential for things like working with firewood.  Splinters hurt.  So does burning my fingers when I get too close to the flame in the woodstove. 

Back when I was typing, full-time, for a living, protecting my hands was even more important than it is now, but I still appreciate a good pair of gloves.

It's also important to have a good pair of shoes.  Deus Ex Machina loves the Carhartt brand.  When he was prepping for his trip on the Appalachian Trail, he found that Carhartt had a pretty good selection of super lightweight, moisture-wicking clothing, but they also offer some great boot options, like these.   The composite toe protects his feet from accidents like dropping a log. 

What?  That's never happened. 

What are your favorite tools around the homestead?

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  1. I seem to use 5 gallon buckets constantly, whether for hauling feed and water to my animals, bringing in produce from the garden, hauling kitchen scraps to the compost pile, collecting kindling, etc.