Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Homestead Happenings

Many years ago ... way before "Survive the Suburbs" was conceived, before we called our quarter acre a "homestead" and a "nanofarm", before we had chickens, even before we had much of a garden ..., Deus Ex Machina and I went to a flower show up in Bangor.

Bangor is a long drive from my house, but we used to do things like that - hop in the car and drive three hours, because gas was cheap, and we could.

It actually ended up being a hugely positive experience for me, and for my future farm.  Among other things, I was given a packet of seeds so that I could "Plant-a-row", which was my first contact with a food pantry, and I saw this amazing landscaping display that stressed the importance of using natural landscaping materials, particularly, using what nature gives us, free for the taking, for mulching.

I saw an advertisement today about bagging leaves, and I thought, "I've never bagged my leaves."

Those first couple of years, we raked all of the leaves into our own compost pile. 

Then, after that amazing flower show, I started using my leaves for mulch, and I just never have enough of them these days. 

First, I rake them into my forest garden.  Then, I push them under the apple tree and peach tree, which are neighbors.  Then, I dump as many as I can find into the herb bed under the office window.  The herb garden next to the driveway is the next recipient, and lately, that particular bed is getting a little too light on the mulch. 

If there are ever any leftover, I put them in my raised garden beds to keep weeds from taking over in the early spring - before the beds get planted.

I need more leaves! 

Bark mulch looks nice, but I actually prefer the more rustic (and natural) appearance of the leaves as mulch.


I was finally able to make a space to set-up my sewing machine.  For the first time, ever, I have a "sewing nook."  It is nice to get the sewing off the dining room table and to have a place where I can leave a more involved project.  

I hear, from my family, that there's a quilting project out there somewhere, that was intended for me.  I would love to get it and finish it.  Now, I have the space. 

I have a picture, but I can't load it.  So, that will be a future post. 


We spend every weekend gathering firewood.  We're about three-quarters of the way to having enough to get us through the winter.  Most of this year's wood supply is pine.  We like burning pine, during the day when we're home, but for overnight, or when we gone most of the day, we really prefer to have some hardwood, which burns more slowly.  Guess we'll have to make a bigger effort to be home more. 

Oh, darn.  


What's happening in your neck-of-the-woods?  

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  1. Love your sewing nook. I’m lucky enough to have a room and boy have I got lots of stuff in there. Keeps me busy during the winter months
    Firewood is a year long process here. We collect it from a friends farm in logs and bring it home where hubby uses a chainsaw to cut it up and we have a diesel splitter. That even I can use
    Great work reusing the leaf litter. Much cheaper than going out to buy it