Monday, October 30, 2017

Four Liter Shower

Our electricity did not blip off and back on.  It is really, and truly, out and unfortunately, so was our internet service.  Seems the cell towers in our area are either overtaxed (likely) or they, too, are suffering in this storm.

So, we decided to venture out ... to the library, of course.  I had planned to go to the library today, anyway, because I had some overdue books, and I needed to ... erm ... make a donation ;).

We figured if the library was open, we could use their Wi-Fi.

As we were en route, we noted a lot of storm damage.  Downed trees, especially.  A particularly large tree is on the power lines near our house.  That explains why we don't have electricity.  My guess is that it may take a while for the electric company to get to that tree.  At the time this was written (which may not be when it is published ), 35% of the population of the State is without power.  The Governor has declared a State of Emergency.

It was an impressive storm.

The library was (is) open, and not only are they open, but it appears half of the community had the same idea that we had.  Probably most of them weren't planning to make a donation today ... but maybe, and wouldn't that be grand?

At any rate, the library is open and full of people.  We asked some random stranger if we could sit with him.

And so I'm very happy that I took the time to shower.

Yes, we  have water.  No, we do not have hot water.  Yes, I took a shower.  No, I did not take a cold shower.

Early in the day, I put a pot of water on the wood stove.  I kept the fire going all morning by adding scrap wood pieces and saved bits of junk mail, old receipts, and pieces of the paper-stuff that often accumulates in one's home.  Most of it could be recycled, but there are some of the pieces that have personal info, which I prefer to  burn rather than toss in the recycling bin.  Sometimes, when the bin is emptied, some of the stuff doesn't make it into the truck.  Or it does, but then, it blows out when the truck heads down the road.

Has anyone heard Alice's Restaurant?  Yeah, I'm not wanting to serve time for littering.  So, into the wood stove it goes, and the bonus is that it heats my house, and my info is more secure.

So, I had hot water.

I grabbed two 2L  bottles out of the bottle return and punched some holes in the lid with a nail.  Then, I filled the bottles half full with hot water from the kettle on the stove, and the rest with cold water from the tap.

I took my bottles into the shower.  The first bottle was used to wet my body and hair.  The second was used to rinse.  As a note, I didn't shampoo my hair.  I don't shampoo every day, and as luck would have it, Monday is a no 'poo day anyway.

I had plenty of water for an adequate wet, soap, rinse, and it was plenty warm enough.

Big Little Sister, who is now in college and no longer lives on the Nanofarm, came over today.  There's no power at her house either.  She said she knew we'd have coffee.

We did.

No power?  No problem.


  1. I like your calm attitude to dealing with a power outage. You didn't have to run around crazily to 'get prepared' because you have spent years getting prepared. Well done, you!
    I have been experimenting this year with washing old school style, in a basin, and washing my hair with a jug over the sink. Both methods surprisingly easy and refreshing, and only requiring a couple of litres of water each. I still love my hot showers, but the alternative is definitely a long term option, as everyone in the world before about 1950 knew full well..

  2. Good thinking! I keep wanting a wood stove, but hubby vetoes. I have taken cold showers/spit baths before. Not fun but could do it short term. We're lucky we don't seem to get those terrible storms here. Gotta LOVE libraries! :) Glad you guys are doing well, as is.