Thursday, July 27, 2017

Easy One-Pan Meal

Meal time is the bane for many a frugal household.  Cooking from scratch takes time, and eating out costs too much. 

But we have to eat. 

And then, there's the clean-up.  Oh, my!  So many hurdles to living the good life ... and eating it too!

The fact is that we can have it all - easy, convenient and low cost. 

To wit:  Tonight's dinner is a one-pot(ish) meal. 

Tools:  One Dutch oven and a double boiler.

Food:  Potatoes - enough for one per person;  eggs - enough for at least one per person;  broccoli; grated cheese or a quickie cheese topping.

Scrub potatoes and eggs (if you're like me and have farm-fresh, unwashed eggs.  If yours come from the grocery store, you won't need to wash them). 

Place potatoes and eggs in the Dutch oven with enough water to cover eggs. 

Bring to a boil.

Reduce heat to medium and cover. 

Cook until potatoes are almost fork tender.

Remove eggs, peel, and set aside.

Place broccoli in double boiler in the Dutch oven.

Cover and cook until broccoli is just tender.

Remove potatoes from the pan, place onto serving plates and cut in half.

Top with broccoli and cheese sauce (or other desired topping).

Top eggs with butter or season to taste.


Easy.  Fast.  Filling. 

And a fraction of the cost of eating out.

In August and September, when I harvest my potatoes, that meal can be nearly free (minus the cost of the seeds, feed for my chickens, and electricity to cook the meal). 

What's your favorite easy-peasy, not-gonna-eat-out-tonight meal?


  1. Soup.
    Garbage soup (everything left in the fridge, in broth or tomato base). Potato soup. Chicken or chicken and vegetable. Garlic soup, Brazilian black bean, taco hamburger soup, lentils, chili, tomato soup. Hot soup, cold soup (gazpacho, borscht, cucumber, tomato-cilantro)...honestly, anything I can throw into a pot on a busy night becomes soup. If using dried beans, I can cook them in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes (depending on the bean)and go from there.

    1. I LOVE soup! It's my go-to meal during the fall and winter, and I love making it on my woodstove. My favorites are chicken soup and beef stew.

      We don't do a lot of cold soups, though. I should look more closely at them as an option on those too-hot-to-cook days when a take-out meal is sounding good.

  2. I want to do black bean nachos in the summer with cheese, cilantro, olives and salsa. Low-cost quick and healthy!