Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Anti-Retail Therapy

Some days are just so ... you know .... 

That's why shopping is such a draw.  It takes one's mind off whatever is making one crazy, and it also gives us this new, shiny thing. 

The problem is that buying stuff when the dollars are limited can cause more stress than was originally present.

But even more, the feelings of euphoria we get from acquiring new stuff are fleeting.  It can be a lot of fun buying new stuff, and maybe, for a little bit after we get that new thing, there is a bit of an endorphin rush, but then, we find ourselves back in that same dump.

Or worse, we feel awful, because we've spent money we didn't have to spend.  Those guilt feelings of poor spending choices are combined with whatever it was that made us feel like we needed a new thing in the first place, and ... well, you see the spiral.

The other day I was having one of those moments.  Retail therapy would have been pretty cool, but I don't have money to waste on stuff I don't need.  While I have a very small, incidental income (since April 2016 when I dissolved my home-based office service so that I could concentrate more fully on our homestead and my girls' homeschooling), for the most part, we are a single-income family. 

Add to it that we ended up accruing a bit of debt a few years ago when we had to do some major home repairs (our roof had to be fixed), which we are still paying off. 

One income + working on paying down debt = the need to be more frugal than ever.

My daughter was looking for some fabric for another project, and she asked if she could use some of this jersey floral print we had.  I don't even remember where I got it, but I'm pretty sure it's been laying around for a really long time waiting to be made into something. 

I said, of course.  She could use whatever she needed. 

Then, I thought, I could make a skirt for myself out of that. 

And why not?  I had everything I needed: a nice fabric; a skirt pattern that I absolutely love; a sewing machine; and all of the thread and other bobbles I could possibly want. 

Two hours later, I had a new skirt. 

Being creative is an incredible stress reliever, and in the end, I got a new skirt without spending a penny, and all that whatever it was that was bugging me ...?  Gone in the calming whirr of the sewing machine. 

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