Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Signs of Spring

Baby Chicks


Sunny, warm(ish) days spent in work boots and torn jeans

Deus Ex Machina and I were chatting yesterday about weather stuff.  We laughed at how in the fall, when the temps dip into the 50s, we're wondering when we should start lighting the stove, but this time of year, when the temperatures climb into the 50s, we're opening the windows to invite in the warm breeze.


  1. I love to air things out too! It was in the 50s last night and i had our sliding glass door open all the way
    ! Fresh air!!!

  2. We just thought it was so funny how different our perceptions are from one season to the next, and how different 50° feels ;).

  3. I hear you on the "balmy" temps this time of year. I think the urge to get planting also makes me think that it is milder than it really is.

  4. Spring! Ah! Plant those seeds - it helps warm the joint up. That's my theory anyway..