Sunday, April 30, 2017

I Did a Thing

I have a young adult daughter.  She's one of those "Millennials" people talk about, but I think she's smart and capable and super awesome.  I read articles criticizing Millennials, but honestly, I think they have it more figured out than I did when I was that age. 

Anyway, she's smart enough to take things slow and really try to figure out what it is that SHE wants rather than what society tells her she should want.  My generation didn't do that.  I'm glad hers is.

The title of this post is in deference to her generation who give themselves accolades for "adulting."  When she (or her generation) accomplishes a task for which they felt inadequately prepared - and it turns out good - they say, "I did a thing."  I like that.  My generation never gives ourselves credit for doing things we didn't really think we could do.  I'm glad hers does.

I did a thing.  Actually, I did a few things, of which I am very proud, because we all know I'm not a handy person.   My home improvement attempts usually aren't.

But this week, with spring in the air and the too long waiting for someone else to get 'er done, I decided that the someone had to be me.  Good or bad, I intended to do a few things.

While Precious and Little Fire Faery were painting Precious' new bedroom, I grouted the tile that's needed to be grouted for a long time.  I am very proud of how awesome it looks!  It was both much easier and much more difficult than I expected it to be. 

And while I was in the building spirit, I went outside and sorted through some of the piles of pallets and such that we have, and I made a deck off the back of the house.  We've been here almost twenty years, and we've been planning to do something all of that time.  Now seemed like a good time to finally do it.  I would have loved something bigger or fancier, but I'm very pleased with how it turned out - given that I'm the one who did it.  I have a long narrow planter to the right of the deck.  I'm planning to put some pole beans in that planter (probably scarlet runner beans), and perhaps some smaller planters in the front - although I have to be careful, because the dogs and chickens will probably kill anything I try to grow.  :(

So the deck is in the back, and there's a nice spot in the front that could use a patio.  As luck would have it, we have a billion bricks and broken up pieces of cinderblock.  I started building a patio.  It will be a much longer process than the deck.  I figure if I build one 2' x 2' spot every couple of weeks, by the end of the summer, I'll have something awesome.  Here's the beginning.  It appeals to my quirky aesthetic.  
Since my home renovations have mostly been free because we're using reclaimed materials, I can accept a lot less than the $425 price tag Nordstroms is asking for their "mud-stained" jeans.  I'd take $50 for these, paint stained jeans.   Women's size 12 long.  I'll even wash them with homemade laundry soap and line dry them so that they'll smell real. 

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