Friday, February 10, 2017

Getting Back to the Way Things Were


A few weeks ago, after I attempted to make my own Kombucha starter, Deus Ex Machina gifted me with a new SCOBY. 

This batch of Kombucha took a little longer to ferment than I expected it would, probably because it's a little chilly in my house, but also because it was a really small SCOBY.  I probably should have read their instructions on how to start the first batch.

I've been watching it closely.  I could see a new SCOBY forming on top, which is a good indicator that things are happening the way we want them to happen when making Kombucha.

Then, life stuff happened, and I didn't get to taste-test it for a few days beyond what I thought would be the best day. 

I was pretty sure that it was spoiled, and so, even before I tasted it, I started a new batch of tea.

Then I tasted it, and Wow!  It was perfect!

It's bottled now, and sitting for a few hours on the counter with corks in the bottles, to let it ferment a little more (for effervescence).  Then, it will go into the refrigerator, and my family will enjoy it for the next week until the new batch is ready.

This getting back to the way things should be is so nice; so good for my soul.

And there's Kombucha. 

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  1. I know that feeling. I am trying to find my rhythm since I left my job last month and it is hard. But then you get little flashes of contentment and you know you are on the right track.