Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fix-It ... or something

My house is usually on the cool side.  In truth the temperature fluctuates depending on how close to the woodstove one is.  Since I don't sit next to the woodstove all day, there are times when I can use a little sweater. 

And then, there's the Maine weather.  Most of the year, a light sweater is appropriate attire when outdoors. 

I don't have enough light sweaters. I have two, and since I wear them almost all of the time - except when I'm sleeping, they're starting to show some wear and tear.  My dark sweater, I've relegated to outside-the-house attire.  That is, when I go someplace where I care a little more than usual how I look.

My other sweater is the one I actually prefer, especially as a light layer under my wool coat.

It probably doesn't look as good on me as it feels, but it's lightweight and comfortable and provides just enough of a layer to keep me warm in the house (when I'm not near the woodstove) and to allow me to not freeze when I have to step outside to put the trash can on the curb, get firewood, or take out the compost. 

Problem is that it's not in great shape.

Once I forgot I was wearing it, and I took off my coat.  I received several comments about the holes.  Oops!  Not that I care all that much how I look, but when people start commenting in that judgmental kind of way that people have, it's bothersome. 

So, I had to consciously make my favorite sweater an exclusive at-home attire.

Probably wouldn't have been a problem, but *see above.*  I only have TWO sweaters.  If one is for going out and one is for staying in, then, there aren't very many chances to wash them and ensure that they are dry when I need to wear them.

Oh, right!  You remember now.  I don't have a clothes dryer, either.  Sometimes it can be a bother.

I decided that I needed both sweaters to be in decent repair.  I mean, guess I could have bought a new one, but you know how when you have this favorite shirt or pair of jeans and nothing you find will replace it?  Like that.

I've been mulling over what I wanted to do for a while.  I could darn it, like socks, or like I fixed the cuffs on my daughter's sweater.  But a couple of the holes were pretty big, and then the rest weren't holes, but runs, which are more of a challenge - for me - when it comes to darning. 

So, I decided what I wanted to just replace the sleeve, and I was thinking something along the lines of when Barbara Good (in the 1970s BBC series The Good Life) replaced the leg on one of her pairs of jeans.  I have some long-sleeved shirts that have a few holes.  I could use the sleeves.

One of those long-sleeved shirts is brown.  My sweater is tan. 

It's a pretty close match.

I have only replaced the sleeve with the holes, so far, but it might look like it's supposed to look that way if I replace both sleeves.  So, that's the plan. 
For now, though, I have two sweaters again.  No holes.  Ha!  Take that Judgey McJudgersons.   


  1. I have seen people do that on a etsy, combine clothing! Smart move!

    1. Thanks. I just love my little cardigan, and I have, honestly, been looking for a replacement for a long time - both at every second hand store I've been to in the last six months, and also when I went to the Mall with my daughters (at their request). I just can't find what I want (probably out of style - which is, clearly something I follow ... not!). So, I decided I'd just repair mine. I just put iron patches on my jeans, too - because I can't find a new pair that doesn't cost a million dollars :).

  2. Ooh, clever! I have bright ideas like that, but never rarely seem to execute them, so I am super impressed!

    1. Ha! Ha! Thank you! I have a lot more ideas that never make it past my brain. Maybe, someday, when I don't spend so much time being a chauffeur to my daughters, I'll start a business repurposing old clothes ;).