Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Accomplishing Goals

In my dance mom post the other day, I forgot to talk about my success.

At the beginning of the year, I resolved to not purchase bottled water.  I already don't/didn't buy bottled water, for the most part, but sometimes it's just such an easy thing to do - you know, purchase water in a plastic bottle when we're out and about at functions like dance competitions.  The girls have to stay hydrated, after all, and the dry air in those auditoriums is migraine-inducing for Deus Ex Machina.   

Fact is that it's a costly convenience - even more costly than we allow ourselves to consider.

I am very pleased to note that we did not purchase any bottled water at this recent competition.  It was available, of course (at $3/bottle from a vending machine ... or at the store a block from the venue). 

Instead, I had brought with me one of my canning-jar to-go cups.  It's just a reused canning jar with a reused black plastic lid with a hole drilled in it (the lid was from a glass salad dressing jar - and we saved the jars, too) and a reusable straw (one of those that comes with the plastic reusable drinking cups that are all the rage these days - but which don't last as long as the straws last). 

I know - still a lot of plastic, but all of it, we reuse, which means we don't buy more.

Home-brewed iced tea - to go

Anyway, I had it with me, and then, I found that rare treat - a water fountain (also called a "bubbler"), and I just refilled it when we wanted water. 

It was free ... and probably the same kind of water that's in those expensive plastic bottles.

Most of us uber frugalistas understand that our saving $$ is also saving the planet.  Win/win.  Right? 


  1. I take my own bottle in to work, in the car and do the same thing. I use my own coffee mug too with my own teabags. It all helps...

    1. I completely agree! It all helps. Last summer, we were at a local college for music camp, and I found that they had installed those water-bottle friendly water fountains. I LOVE those things. Have you seen them? I drank a ton of water while we were there - just so I could play with the fountain :).

      I didn't mention in this post (although I did in the other one), we also packed up coffee to go in our travel mugs. It was partially because it's a better option, but also because the only coffee shops we knew of in our traveling area were Dunkin' Donuts and AromaJoes - both of which I hate (AJ's makes me feel ... heavy), and also because we just didn't have time to stop. Ha! So much for drive-thru being a "fast" convenience, eh? :)