Saturday, January 7, 2017

Neilsen Ratings

Postcard I received in the mail.


Well, apparently, someone hasn't been reading my blog.  If they had, they would know that we haven't had cable since 2009, and we got rid of our television six years ago

Yep.  Actually, I was surprised when I realized how long it had been. 

Once, someone tried to take up a collection to buy us a television, thinking that we didn't have one, because we couldn't afford one. 

A friend had to let them know that our being TV-free was a lifestyle choice, not an economic one.

Did I ever tell you about the time some telemarketer called my house and wanted to ask me a few questions?  In exchange, he promised to give me a Walmart gift card.

"I don't shop at Walmart."

"There isn't a Walmart near you?"

"There are several Walmart stores near me.  I can think of three that are less than a 20 minute drive.  I just don't shop at Walmart."

There was a moment of silence while he took that in. 


  1. Both those stories are hilarious! We haven't had a TV for 9 months now, and have never regretted it for a moment. Also don't darken the doors of our local big box stores and haven't noticed the earth falling in.

    PS I can't believe the Nielsen ratings people haven't been reading your blog! What are they thinking?

    PPS I have decided to do my own Riot for Austerity this year and cut our family consumption to 10% of average. Gulp.

  2. I can't believe they don't read my blog, either. Whatever happened to "know your audience"?!!

    I loved Riot for Austerity. I looked it up a year or so ago. I wanted to see if it was still going on.

    I never got down to 10%, but I was really close on a lot of things (I was at 5% for garbage :)).

    The one that always does us in is food. We eat meat, and I could change almost anything about our lifestyles, and eventually, my husband would come around, but I can't take away his food. He wasn't happy when I transitioned to all local back in the day. Anyway, because we eat meat, the calculators always ding us. There was never any button that allowed me to say that the meat we eat comes from local or wild-caught sources.

    To wit: We raise our own chicken and rabbit, we buy a cow-share or a pig-share from a local farmer, all of our fish is wild-caught, and when we're lucky we have deer or wild turkey in the freezer. Those meats have a much smaller foot print than the typical meats in a "Western" diet.

  3. I am also a local carnivore, but not as local as my backyard! Kudos to you there:)