Monday, July 11, 2016

Room Update

So for those of you who have been wondering about our back room - no it's still not finished. Yes, Deus Ex Machina and I are still using our office as a bedroom. At this point, we may be getting too comfortable with the current arrangements ...

... no, not really.

The drywall is up. We found some free tiles on Craigslist and found reclaimed boards that will be the flooring. We don't have a ceiling, yet, and all of that storage space we wanted, we ended up having to drywall over, in hopes we could get the project completed faster. You see how that's worked out for us ;).

Anyway, at the moment, I can proudly declare that I live in a "tiny house." The difference between me and people who actually live in tiny houses is that my house wasn't designed to be a tiny house, and so there are none of those really cool little nooks and crannies for storing stuff, and I never intended to live in a tiny house. It just happened.

The benefit, however, is exactly the same. We've been forced to look at our belongings and make those tough choices. It's an ongoing process, but what I've found is that each thing we let go is like a release, a exhalation of stagnant air that was keeping us from thriving.

When we finally finish the room, I'm pretty certain that it will look nothing like we originally planned, but I'm also certain that it will function exactly as we need it to function.

And I'm also certain that when we start moving the furniture and stuff around, we'll discover that we, actually, have a pretty big house (although at only 1500 sq ft with no garage, basement or attic, it's small by American standards).

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