Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Carpe Diem

Usually my days are heavily scheduled. Just this month we've had rehearsals four times a week for the upcoming production of West Side Story at our local community theater. My two youngest attended a week-long music intensive for which I chaperoned. Their older sister flew overseas for a week. We had a music festival this weekend at which my youngest performed. We're planning and rehearsing for a fundraiser Murder Mystery Dinner for one of the non-profits at which we volunteer. That's just the extra stuff and doesn't even include our regular commitments. We have so much going on - all of the time - it can be difficult to have any spontaneity.

Occasionally we get lucky, and we're able to carpe diem. Today was one of those days.

Several weeks ago, I brought home the latest batch of frozen chickens from the butcher, and as I pushed and shoved and rearranged the items in my freezer to make room for these new poultry, I thought, "I need to do something with this stuff we're not going to eat." What we're not going to eat are the bits and parts of the chickens that I always get with our order thinking, either we'll feed it to our dogs (someday we're going to make our own dog food with our chicken pieces), or we'll eat it (this time), or I can give it to some of my friends whom I know enjoy things like chicken livers.

And then, none of that happens, and next year, when we butcher our chickens, I add one more bag of livers and one more bag of hearts and one more bag of necks (in my defense, we do use the necks, occasionally, for broth) to the already too full freezer.

A few weeks ago I found this animal sanctuary online. More specifically, it's a wolf sanctuary. My daughter has loved wolves for as long as I can remember, and I had no idea that this place existed so close to us. I looked through their wish list of items, which included raw meat. Then, all of the pieces aligned, and I contacted them to ask if they could use this chicken I had.

I received a call today, and the owner said, "Yes! We can use it!"

And then, she offered to let me meet the wolves when I dropped off the meat.

And I asked if I could bring my daughters.

And she said yes.

And we drove two hours, round-trip, to meet wolves.

It was an amazing day! I'm so thankful that I had a free afternoon to be able to have that experience and give that experience to my daughters.

Because sometimes it's just so very nice to be able to do something very cool without having to put it on the calendar weeks in advance.

How often does one get the opportunity to meet a wolf hybrid, up close and personal?

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