Saturday, March 26, 2016


I have this pair of jeans that I really love. They fit better than any other pair of pants I own, and despite looking everywhere, I haven't been able to find a comparable pair - one that fits and feels like this pair that I found at Goodwill a few years ago.

Part of my lifestyle over the last several years has been all about being frugal - partially to save money, partially in the interest of being more "green." We purchase most of our clothes and household goods second-hand, because it's kinder to the Earth, and in most cases, cheaper.

But finding clothes second-hand is, actually, a chore. It's like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates - one never knows what one is going to get. As is the case with my jeans. I've found, exactly, two pairs of jeans that I like and wear at Goodwill. The first pair are now designated "work" jeans, because they not only have holes in them, but they are also covered in paint. The second pair are now getting threadbare, but I just can't part with them.

Recently, the fabric gave way, and now there's a hole. It's time for a patch.

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