Thursday, April 9, 2015

It Must Be Spring ...

I found a Post-It note on my desk a few weeks ago. It said something about how it had snowed somewhere out west of us - Michigan or somewhere like that - on April 14, 2014. I guess I don't understand why we're so surprised by what we woke up to this morning.

Except that, perhaps, it's not surprise, but dismay. People keep talking about how hard our winter was, like we got so much snow exclamation point. This winter's snow totals weren't the most snow I've seen in a single winter in the time I've lived here in Maine.

The problem is that it all happened, mostly, in the month of February. In February 2015, it snowed, here in Maine - significant snow of more than 6" each time - every three days or so. In fact, it was so bad that Deus Ex Machina had his first, ever in my memory, snow day.

Businesses closed down. People were advised to stay off the roads. It was tough cleaning up with so much snow all at once.

That's what made it a hard winter. And that's what made last night's storm difficult. We ended up with a couple of inches - enough to cover the exposed grass. Two inches of snow? A dusting! Most people haven't even bothered to shovel. It's been that kind of winter.

But it's not winter anymore, in spite of the snow. It must be spring, because we have baby chicks.

We ordered three new hens, and two straight run (we wanted hens, but didn't have that choice). The breeds this year are: light Brahma (one of the white ones), two silkies (the straight runs - one black and one white), one Cuckoo Maran (because we wanted chocolate brown eggs :)), and one Plymouth Rock.

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