Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fast Food from the Larder?

I looked at the clock. Oops! It was 6:30PM. I guess I should start thinking about dinner, right?

So, of course, I asked Deus Ex Machina what he wanted, and he responded as expected.

My daughters and I volunteer at the food pantry on Tuesdays. Today, the owner of a local hamburger joint donated a bunch of rolls - his special recipe, he told me. It was very cool! But the rolls are for tiny burgers, called sliders, and growing up down south, I was introduced to Krystals, and later when I moved a bit further north, I discovered White Castles. They make these tiny square hamburgers on soft, white-bread rolls, that are seasoned with cooked onions and served with ketchup, mustard, and a pickle. In my memory, it's simply delicious, and when the restaurant owner brought his donation, my taste buds remembered that taste and wanted it.

No, I'm not suggesting that either place has good food, but the burgers were always cooked with onions, and the buns were so soft, and the combination, in my memory. was actually pretty yummy.

I'm pretty certain that the memory is much better than the reality. Regardless, I was thinking how delicious some of those burgers would be, and I headed into the kitchen thinking of burgers and onions.

All of our hamburg is frozen, and ground beef cooked from frozen, even if I added onions, wouldn't be, quite the same.

As part of our cowshare, however, we also have stew beef, but no potatoes or carrots. So, I couldn't make stew. But there are several jars of pickled beets, and I thought, how about Borscht ... or some made up version using the ingredient I had in my pantry?

So, I grabbed the stew beef, chopped it into tiny pieces, and started to brown it. Then, I added some chopped onions, a bit of sea salt, pepper, cumin, and burgundy cooking wine.

The aroma was heavenly, and exactly what I wanted, and I realized that I did not want soup.

I decided to leave the pickled beets for another day, and I served the beef with leftover cornbread, leftover rice, leftover rice pudding, popcorn, and pickled green beans.

Remember a few days ago when I said that our meals would probably start to get a little weird? Yeah. That was tonight.

But hours later, I was still feeling stuffed, and it was delicious.

I think there are even a few leftovers.

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