Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dessert from the Larder

What's been very cool about this challenge is that I've been making dessert more often. Usually, we have really big meals, and there's not enough room left for dessert (although my daughter would say that there's always room for dessert :)). Or, probably, more accurately would be that after cooking a huge dinner, I don't feel like making any dessert, and so I don't. Dessert is usually something we have on Thanksgiving ... or ice cream ... or a piece of chocolate bar.

But when dinner is just a roasted meat and some pickles, and I know my daughters aren't going to indulge in the beets and carrots, I like to offer something in addition to whatever I've made. A few days ago, I whipped up a quick peach cobbler (to use up the open jar of peaches in the refrigerator).

Monday night for the stir-fry, I made a huge pot of rice, and so, for dessert, I made rice pudding using this recipe.

So, you know what's cooler than just making rice pudding using that recipe? It's the fact that we had some grapes in the refrigerator that no one was eating, and so to minimize the possibility of waste, I put them in the dehydrator (which has an honored position on the end table next to the outlet, because we use it so much) and made raisins ... and then, I added those raisins to our rice pudding.

One of the things that has struck me as interesting throughout the challenge is the fact that we're adding to the larder at the same time that we're emptying it.

Does that make the challenge, kind of, an exercise in futility?

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