Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tomato Soup on Salad? Yep.

My daughters and I are volunteering once a week at the food pantry. It's been an incredible experience so far. I have some pretty amazing kids. Just sayin'.

The pantry is really neat, and I like the way they run things. There are certain items that are limited, and each person who comes into the pantry gets a set number of these. For instance, if it's a family of four, they are allowed to pick fourteen of these special grocery items. What's really neat is that the family is permitted to pick their own items, which probably cuts down on overall waste, as folks can pick what they know how to use and know they will eat. The pantry always has bread - lots and lots of bread. And in fact, while people are limited to twice monthly visits to the pantry for regular grocery items, they can come whenever they need to get bread.

The other item that's available in quantity that no one seems to want is tomato soup. What's that saying, we can't give the stuff away.

Last week, I thought, maybe people just don't want plain tomato soup, and so I found a bunch of simple recipes for using, mostly, items they could find at the pantry to add to tomato soup to make it more of a meal.

Today, at the pantry, along with the millions of cans of tomato soup (and bread), they also had been given bags and bags of precut lettuce and heads and heads of iceberg lettuce. I kept looking at that tomato soup and all that lettuce, and I figured there must be a recipe of some kind that uses tomato soup as an ingredient for salad dressing.

And so there are! Lots and lots of recipes, and from what I could find, it appeared that tomato soup based dressing is basically a French dressing.

This one was my favorite, because it used the soup can as a measuring cup, and the ingredient list was pretty simple.

Next week, I'm going to bring the recipe (it makes a quart) and maybe a case of wine vinegar to donate ... and I'm thinking I might even make some of the dressing myself as a sample.

I'm also thinking, some salad topped with tomato soup French Dressing and some toasted bread would be quite delicious for lunch.


  1. I love that you saw this need and knew right what to do with it. I bet you'll bless a lot of folks with these recipes. "POYfect!", as the saying went. :)

  2. That *does* sound like a delicious lunch! What a good idea!