Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Enough with the Gadgets ... well, almost

I'm not usually a gadget kind of person. Don't get me wrong. I like gadgets. They're fun, and the first time I used an actual bread knife to cut a loaf of homemade bread rather than the steak knives I, pretty much, used for all cutting tasks, I realized the value in having the right tool for the job.

I've baked on top of my woodstove using inverted kettle, and yes, it worked, but I really like using the Dutch oven better. I think it's faster. I think it also gets hotter (although I haven't tested it). Both do the job, but it's a matter of, as above, the right tool for the job, which makes the job, easier, overall.

So, we have a lot of tools and a few gadgets, even. Like the several solar/dynamo radios - all of which also have USB ports for charging phones and/or iPods. One of our solar radios will even charge the Kindle (not that I'm a fan of e-readers, but there are other things we can do on it, like accessing email and watching Season 1 of Homeland while I was traveling last summer).

As such, when I saw the headline, Six Human-Powered Gadgets, I was intrigued and at the same time a little repelled.

I read the article anyway, and while I say "I'm not usually a gadget kind of person", I will admit that I swooned a little over some of them. I mean, a flashlight that works off body heat? I think my daughters need those.


  1. I love the water and bike. But you'd need to have water for both. Good ideas though...

  2. For too many years, life has been a very tight situation for me. We have all received and given gifts of things that are not a need, just a pretty gift. This is nice and thoughtful. Yet we can't eat "stuff" and in time the stuff becomes overwhelming and collects dust. Over the past fifteen years I try to give for Christmas items that can be used up, not to set around looking pretty. Daily needs like soap, cleanser, dish detergent, toilet paper, yeah, I know :)) washable/reusable cleaning rags, (I waste nothing) scrub brush, toothbrush, shampoo...well, you get the idea. Buying small amounts throughout the year makes it more simple and easier. I may not receive joyous smiles from the recipient but I bet you a dollar they think of me when they use that necessary item. Practical is what's needed in this great time of need. Another idea is giving a handmade "coupon - good for 2 hours of helping hands come spring". So many elderly out here desperate for someone's physical help. I gave a needy one 4 such coupons to be used over a stretch of time but they were presented to me back to back. So, be specific; be cautious :)) Coupons/gift giving is a fun thing, not something that will sap our energy completely.