Friday, October 10, 2014

Should We Label?

I think children are underrated - not that people don't appreciate the little bundles of joy, but that, as a society, we tend to discount the opinions, thoughts and feelings of young people as being immature.

As a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom for the past seventeen years, I've discovered that the notion that children can't have incredibly insightful and valid opinions about things is inaccurate. If we listen, they can tell us things that we hadn't thought of. Adults tend to form opinions quickly based on years of experience, but consider that, sometimes our experiences negatively color our notions about life, and children, who haven't been so jaded, might actually be able to provide some insight that we hadn't considered.

This morning my teen says, "We don't need GMO labeling." She is well aware that this is a hot-button issue for me, because I'm very much in favor of transparency. Integrity is incredibly important to me, and I hold, in highest esteem, those who are honest and open with me. The quickest way to lose my trust and friendship is to let me catch you in a lie or deceit. I'll never trust you again, and I'll never forget that you'd lied to or cheated me. It's definitely a deal breaker.

So, of course, when she made that comment, I was all ears. "Yes?"

"Well, the companies who care about GMO labeling are already doing it."

I thought about the bag of veggie chips that was sitting opened on our counter. I thought about the crackers we occasionally put in our pantry. I thought about the corn chips that we keep handy for chips and salsa days and the corn taco shells we purchase for taco nights.

All of them are labeled "No GMOs", because that's important to us as consumers.

And, she's right. The companies that care about not putting potentially hazardous ingredients in our food already label their products accordingly. The companies that don't ... don't care, and they will fight to the end to NOT label their products, because once they start labeling, they will lose customers, or they will have to admit, publicly, that they don't give a shit about the small percentage of us who won't eat GMOs. I guess they believe that we are happy to perpetuate the notion that ignorance is bliss or that we really believe, what we don't know won't hurt us.

I'll probably still fight for GMO labeling ... at least as far as continuing to spread awareness about GMOs, and the fact that we don't know enough about the long-term effects to consider them safe - but maybe I'll stop worrying about fighting the GMA and its members to put those warning labels on their foodstuff, because the fact is that I already don't buy it, and frankly, in many of those products, the potential for GMO ingredients is the least of our worries.

Big Little Sister blogs at Adventures of Lifetime. I'm blessed every day to witness her amazing spirit and incredibly thankful for her insight.


  1. Wow. She makes an excellent point. I had not thought of it that way - and yet, we constantly walk thru the store saying that we (my family) "assume" anything not labeled does have GMO ingredients. *blink blink* She said it just right to make it CLICK for me!

    1. I think your assumption that unlabeled products probably contain GMOs is accurate. If the item doesn't say it doesn't contain GMOs, it probably does.

      I'm at the point where, if a company will make a public stand and voluntarily rid their products of GMOs, I will patronize them. If the company won't, I don't buy their products.

      Is that "voting with my dollars"? ;)