Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Security versus Resiliency.

I'm working on my wrap-up for August's Eat Local Challenge, but ... you know ... stuff.

Anyway, I didn't want to leave everyone hanging (like I've been doing too much of, lately), and so I thought, instead of a real post, I'd post a couple of links.

I think, when we look back on these times, the word we will use to describe this time period will be "resiliency." We all seem to be striving for just that, and today, I read a really great article by Nick, husband of the amazingly talented and wicked smaht, Erica from Northwest Edible Life. It's about having Income Resilience, which he calls an Income Quilt, using the phrase coined by my friend, Lisa Kivrist.

It's a great article.

I also wanted to link to an old article I wrote about resiliency. The focus of my article is on the kind of resiliency that comes from making one's living arrangement more self-sufficient (i.e. growing one's own food, collecting rainwater, having a secure shelter).

Nick and Erica are producing a great deal of their own food, as well, and when I spoke with Erica last week for an upcoming podcast, she said that having their food stores has been essential for their peace of mind as they transition to this more resilient, but less "secure" lifestyle.

Of course, the idea that being employed by someone else makes us more secure than the kind of entrepreneurial (and resilient) lifestyle that Nick and Erica have really is an illusion, isn't it?

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