Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hiatus ... Not Gone

Blog posts are brewing - I swear. Unfortunately, the time to actually sit down and get them from my brain to this page is limited.

  • We've just had a portion of our roof rebuilt, and we're trying to figure out what, exactly, we want to do with the inside of the room - which had to be completely gutted to rebuild the roof. The room is currently occupied by some furry visitors we fostered over the weekend - much to my daughters' and granddaughters' delight.
  • This picture, taken in 2008 or so, is the "before."
    . This is after the first full day of work by the team that rebuilt the roof ;).
  • Part of the roof rebuild also included our need and desire to paint our house, and being the cheap-ass DIYers we are, we are, of course, doing as much of the work as we can, by ourselves. And so, I'm painting.
  • The garden is in its final throes before the first frost, and it's all out time trying to get everything in and buttoned up; plus, with the roof rebuild, we will also be transitioning the gardens with the plan to get all of the animals to one side of the house and all of the food production to the other side of the house, in the hopes of increasing the food production by protecting it from the animals, which means moving garden beds and fence posts.

And then, there's the usual stuff of life: we're down to one car because our "farm car" is not holding up well to Maine's harsh winter roads (the bottoms of most cars tend to rust out because of the salt used on our roads, which is why finding old cars is very difficult here in Maine). We can't repair both the car and the house at the same time, and so, it's compromise time. It will work out just fine. We just have to adjust.

We both, still, do "outside work", which, occasionally, has to take priority over other stuff we'd like to be doing - like blogging ;).

Homeschool co-op starts next week, and dance class started up last week.

So, it's busy.

But just so you know I haven't forgotten this space, here are a couple of articles I've been reading and pondering.

In this article about tiny living that appeared in the Mother Earth News magazine online, the author proposes that everyone be allotted 500 sq feet of living space.

There is a pretty serious virus running rampant through several West African countries right now. It's the stuff nightmares are made of, and there has been a lot of fear mongering around what we should be doing. In addition to the efforts by the US government and the CDC to, not only, find an effective treatment, but also develop a vaccine, we also have soldiers (!) on the ground in Liberia. Sierra Leone, which has been hard-hit by the virus, has just imposed a three-day quarantine for its citizens, in an effort to allow health workers to move among the populations and find hidden infections and/or dead bodies. Today's report from Sierra Leone states that residents are complaining of food shortages

Move to a tiny house or adapt in place - even if you have a big house?

Is it time to get ready for a global pandemic of a virus that kills 35% to 50% of the people who contract it? Would you get the Ebola vaccine if it were offered?

What do you think?


  1. Oh lordy, you do have a fun time ahead of you. From one renovator to another - all the best!
    I have a largish house which is currently overrun with children. When they all leave home I am considering dividing it and renting out our downstairs half.
    Is there an ebola vaccine? I am coping with that threat by not watching or reading the news at all and donating to MSF. If there is a vaccine it would be an appalling shame if rich Westerners could access it before the people who actually need it.
    Meanwhile, I keep growing and buying great local food and building up our family's immune system by not cleaning much:)

  2. I just can't see how *they* would have enough time to really test an ebola vaccine even if they did come up with one. And I'm not sure I would want to put a weakened version of ebola into my body to build up immunity. It is a little concerning though...especially when they fly infected persons back to the US and their first stop is a couple hours north of where I live...

    We are all for adapting in place, but sometimes I think about all those little townships and how it would be nice to live in one :-)

  3. Take an ebola vaccine? NO freaking way. Sounds lie it's mutating anyway, and I don't do vaccines. I take a lot of Vit D3, try to rest. I rarely get "sick" even though I work with high poverty and refugee kids. I get exposed to everything, and the D3 really keeps me healthy. Just 4,000 ius a day and I'm good!