Friday, August 1, 2014

When a Country Defaults

Last night, after dinner, Deus Ex Machina and I were chatting, and world events entered the conversation he asked, "Did you see that the stock market fell?"

I hadn't.

He said, "Yeah, Argentina apparently defaulted on their debt."

"But their economy already collapsed!?" I exclaimed, naively, erroneously believing it was a once in a lifetime event.

"Well, I guess it did it again."

This morning, I went to visit my friend, Fernando "FerFAL" Aguirre, who has been enlightening the Prepper world for many years, giving us information and insight into how to live after the collapse from his experiences of surviving Argentina's economic collapse in 2001. Some of his anecdotes have helped me form my own plans for when the US (finally) collapses (because, at least from his perspective and the belief of a good many forward thinkers here in the US, collapse will happen here in the US, probably not too far into the future). So far, our government has been very good at robbing Peter to pay Paul, but eventually, we will have to pay them both.

On his blog, Fernando explains what happened, and why Argentina defaulted this time. He also explains what he and his fellow countrymen will experience over the next few years as a result of this debt default, and in his words, pretty much more of the same. He says, most of them, have just grown accustomed to living very poor, and it's pretty much, same shit, different day.

As the old Chinese proverb declares, we definitely live in interesting times.

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  1. I heard that yesterday too. Good phrase- same shit, different day.