Monday, August 11, 2014

Edible Gardens Can Also Be Pretty

It's always exciting when the Johnny Seed catalog arrives sometime in January. I take stock of the seeds I have leftover, and I decide what I think I might direct sow, whether or not I want to give the greenhouse another chance, and what I might just decide to purchase as plants from a local nursery.

This year at seed ordering time, I had plenty of vegetable seeds from years past and/or that we had saved. Instead of being distracted by all of the pretty colors and the veggie porn, I decided that I wasn't ordering any vegetable seeds (well, except for the ones for sprouts, and those are an important part of our diet - especially during the winter). Instead, I decided that I wanted color and beauty in my garden this year.

So, I ordered several varieties of edible flowers. When the seeds arrived, I was disappointed that I would have to wait to plant them, but when it finally started getting warm enough, I put the seeds in a seed starting mix and tucked them into the greenhouse. I (not) carefully (enough) watered them and nurtured them, and then ... nothing. I don't think any of them actually sprouted. I'm sure it's my lack of skill and not that the seeds were bad. Pretty sure, anyway.

I was bummed.

I was sure my hopes for a colorful, all edible (or medicinal) garden were dashed.

Fate conspired for me, this time, and I've ended up with a beautiful, bountiful garden with lots of flowers and fruits - with a special huge thanks to my friend, Brent, who talked me into giving the grape vine one more chance. Hopefully, we'll actually harvest some grapes this year.

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