Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Snow ... It's Just Life As Usual Here on the NanoFarm

It's snowing again today. Predictions are for 8" to 14". The part of Maine, where I live, averages 70" of snow per year (which is, actually, 20" more snow than is average for Homer, Alaska - just sayin':)). I don't know how much snow we've already gotten this year. It doesn't feel like that much, but snow is just part of our winter. In fact, for most of the winter (an average of 90 days), we have at least one inch of snow on the ground all of the time.

For me, it's a welcome part of our four-season year. I don't, so much, enjoy the clean-up following the snow storm, and I much prefer when Deus Ex Machina stays home and helps with the shoveling, but during the storm, life is slower and more quiet.

I'm incredibly thankful that we have the lifestyle we have, because, even though we would ordinarily be heading out in an hour to our music class, we can opt not to - we could reschedule or just cancel. It's our choice. We don't have to wait for someone else to make that call.

We didn't go to the store last night. We already had both bread and milk in the house ... and if we run out of bread, I have flour, yeast, honey, salt and water. I could make more - even if the electricity goes out. If we run out of milk ...? No worries. We don't drink a lot of milk anyway. In fact, I'm more concerned about running out of cream for coffee, although I'm not, really, worried about that, either.

We did do some preparations for the storm.

I filled up the wagon with firewood. It's not necessary, really, because the woodpile is less than 50' from the door, just around the corner of the house. Worst case, there's another woodpile less than 20' from the other door next to the driveway. The snow would have to get really deep to keep us from being able to reach our woodpile, and if that happened, we wouldn't be able to get to the wagon, either.

Filling the wagon isn't necessary, but it is more convenient to just reach out the door for the wood.

We also filled up our filtered water pitchers. It's also not necessary, probably, because it would have to be a real worst case scenario for the water to stop flowing through the taps. But if it did, we have several gallons of filtered water ... and in a pinch, it is snowing. We could melt snow ... on the woodstove.

Rechargeable electronic devices are also fully charged, but, again, probably not necessary - it's just a little thing, just in case.

Tomorrow, the storm will be over, and everything will be back to normal.

For today, we'll sit back with a cuppa and enjoy the smoothing out of lines as the snow gently blankets our world.

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  1. "Bread and milk! Bread and milk!" I am truly laughing out loud right now. ;)

    I used to really enjoy snow storms too - not that I've lived anywhere in ages where they are "normal". But the quiet, and not having the obligations to wait until someone else says we can stay home... yup, I'm right there with ya!