Monday, February 24, 2014


Today was Little Fire Faery's moment of Kiah. She went outside to tend the animals, and when she came back into the house, she wrote a short passage about the half dozen birds she'd seen and heard while outside in that brief moment. Her final statement was 'Tis spring.

In our book, Browsing Nature's Aisles: A Year of Foraging for Wild Foods in the Suburbs, Deus Ex Machina and I talk about our Kiah. In one of the many languages on the African continent, Kiah is that moment when the seasons change. Today, Little Fire Faery had her kiah moment, while feeding the chickens and ducks, and noticing all of the birds - lively and active - and looking for sustenance at the close of our Maine winter.

Deus Ex Machina have had our kiah, too.

We've tapped the maples.

We've seen the bees flying in and out of their hive (Yay! At least one of our hives survived the winter, and YES, we are so thrilled!).

We've started planting for this summer's garden.

I'm hoping to use up most of the extra seed I have this year, and then, to save seeds from what I've grown ... and I should really work much harder at labeling them correctly ... or at all. This year, we've planted a "mystery melon" from seeds we saved last fall. Can't wait to see what we get ;).

Have you had your kiah yet?

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  1. Yes! My kiah. I see tops of trees pinking and fat tufts of the greenest green grass just today in the dog lot. Yay for winter leaving finally. Saw a couple honeybees 12 days ago and thrilled, hoping many arrive this year.