Sunday, January 19, 2014

More Snow

... and next week the temperatures are supposed to plummet again to below 0°F at night and in the teens during the day.

I am incredibly thankful for this snow, even as little as it was, to provide a blanket for the tender perennials from the frigid cold we're expecting. I wish so much of the last few storms hadn't melted in the January Thaw.

I'm also very thankful that we didn't tap the trees - even though the last week and a half the temperatures have been perfect for sugaring ... and in years past, we have tapped this early. This year, it just doesn't feel like winter is done with us, yet, and if next week's temps are an indicator, she's not ready to let go her icy hold, just yet.


  1. We just finished a week with the opposit problem. So very not, everyday the temps were over 105F.
    This week isn't too bad but the weather man tells us another heat wave is on its way. Bush Fires are already burning and more heat will just make the situation worse. Right now we would love some snow. Stay warm and send chilly thoughts our way xx

  2. Egads! That's HOT! I don't mind the cold, so much (I can get inside near the woodstove and bundle up and drink hot coffee or tea, but I don't know if I could handle temps that hot.

    Here's hoping things cool down for you.