Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gratitude - Wrap-Up

I almost made it 30 days of daily Gratitude posts. I know most of my posts were kind of mundane and superficial, but that really was my goal - to look at those little things, that maybe we forget are pretty important and remember that I am thankful for those small blessings.

I am incredibly thankful for the big blessings, too, and that's what I spent the last three days of November remembering.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at my sister-in-law's house, where she and her family cooked an amazing dinner. I am incredibly thankful to her, because every year, she tries really hard and works really hard to keep the family tradition of a family gathering on these holidays a tradition. Grammy would be very pleased with her efforts. To my Sis-in-Law: Thank you so much for all you do. I may not adequately express my thanks and appreciation in the moment, but I really do appreciate what you're doing.

Friday, I did not go shopping, nor would I ever. In fact, I spent the day at home, with my family and Facebook, and I posted a lot of stuff about books and adopting animals (our local shelter was having a Black Friday deal on cats - adopt a black cat and all fees were waived). A friend mentioned that she liked the content of my posts - books and cats ;).

In the evening, I took two of my daughters and seven of their friends to see Catching Fire. I read the books, and while I'm not typically a fan of YA fiction, these, I liked, and I think the story should be a warning to us, because it's not too far removed from what we're seeing happening in the real world. The fact is that the book illustrates very well the ways governments keep citizens under control: through fear and intimidation, controlling movement, controlling the food supply. It asks the question: how long do we let them starve us and use us for their entertainment before we fight back?

The last day of the month, we spent with friends. Our daughters' dance team is participating in a parade today, and we helped build the float on which they will ride. It was a lot of fun - my first, ever, float building experience. I'm happy to have spent the day in the company of so many wonderful people, and I'm reminded of how blessed my life is.

These last three days, I've been reminded of how abundant my life is. I have an abundance of amazing people who share this life with me, even if just on the sidelines. I have been blessed with an abundant home, filled with everything I need to stay healthy - emotionally and physically.

Life has been very good to me, and I'm incredibly grateful ... every day.

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