Sunday, December 22, 2013

Capturing December - Tradition

Every year, around the Solstice, I make "Wish Bread" (a.k.a. monkey bread). Basically, it's a sweet, pull-apart yeast bread. I make a bread dough, which we roll into golf ball-sized pieces, dip in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, and then, layer in a bundt pan, drizzling melted butter and sugar over each layer.

Wish bread is not something I make by myself, though. It's a family event, as each dough ball represents a "wish." Some years, we just roll the balls, make a wish, and put them in the pan. This year, our "wish" was a nut or dried fruit we pushed into the middle of the dough ball.

The bread is delicious even without all of the wishing, but that little added something makes the process of making this bread - and then eating it - a little more special.

It's one of my favorite winter traditions.

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