Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gratitude - Day 9

Deus Ex Machina and I spent the whole day Saturday with our two granddaughters. Our girls were in dance class all day, and my older daughter and her husband had to work. So, the grandbabies came with us on some errands. We returned bottles to the redemption center, went to a local restaurant for brunch, and then, zipped over to Smiling Hill Farm to return the couple of dozen half-pint bottles we had built up ... and get some ice cream.

At the restaurant, an elderly lady was sitting in the booth behind us, and as she was leaving, she made a point of stopping at our table to compliment the grandbabies on their behavior. She was surprised when we told her that they were our grandchildren and not our daughters. We look a bit young to be grandparents - although I'm sure we look too old to have such young children.

It was such fun, very low key, nothing fancy or spectacular. Just mundane errands and dinner out with grandpa and grandma - but I know they had fun, too.

In our very mobile, very spread-out culture, where children leave home, and often never go back (not necessarily by choice, but just by happenstance), it's not unusual for children to grow up never really knowing their grandparents. I'm thankful that those girls know us, and know us well enough to joke with Deus Ex Machina in the manner he jokes with them. Ask the oldest, and she'll tell you - he's a "rotten grandpa" - said with a sparkle in her eye and a chuckle in her belly.

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