Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gratitude - Day 7

I am on cloud nine right now ... and it's not the coffee, I swear.

Deus Ex Machina and I are doing a book reading/wild food tasting event next week, and I've been mulling over what to serve for the past few weeks. There are so many options, but this time of year, so many things are unavailable. We have some stored things, like maple syrup and some jams we made from wild foods. There are acorns and wild apples.

'Round and 'round the little wheels have been turning, and I've thought about and then discarded several ideas.

Today my friend, Julie, from Windy Field Farms posted a recipe on Facebook from her friend, Meadow Linn's new cookbook.

I read the recipe, and I'm just over-the-moon ecstatic, BECAUSE this recipe can be easily adapted to wild foods, and it sounds amazing! I'm a huge fan of squash-type soups, and this one looks just like pumpkin soup. I'm drooling just looking at the creamy texture, and imaging how delicious it must be.

In fact, I think I'll make it for dinner tonight, to try it out ... and I'm so excited to offer it to our guests at our upcoming Literary Snack Party.

I am so thankful, right now, for this blog and even for Facebook, where the recipe was posted, and I was introduced to Meadow Linn, the creator.

Yay! For soup! Life is good :).

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