Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gratitude - Day 2

In October a community organization hosted a haunted hayride. We took our girls' dance team over there, and while we were there as guests, we learned that they needed volunteers to help out. So, my family volunteered.

And had a blast being the "actors" who did the scaring.

Whether we were scary or not, we had fun, and while I wasn't able to go back for a second time, my girls and Deus Ex Machina volunteered several more times, and in the end, Big Little Sister told me she had a blast, and that she wanted to do more stuff like that.

While all of that was happening, I had also contacted our local theatre to inquire about volunteer opportunities, and I learned that they needed folks to help out as ushers and in the concessions stand.

Tonight, Big Little Sister and I volunteered and were ushers for the show, Rumors. We helped people find their seats, we assisted in the concessions stand, and when it was all over, we did a sweep of the theatre to pick up programs that were left and water bottles and other trash.

For all of that, we got to see the show, and it was so funny! And so much fun!

I don't need or want to be on a bunch of committees or to be a power player or decision maker, but I very much love the opportunity to do little things, like usher at the theatre or wear a costume and try to be spooky. I love my little community, and I am incredibly thankful for these volunteer opportunities.

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  1. That does sound fun, especially as you could do it together as a family. Oxfam ask for volunteers to work as stewards for them at big music festivals in the UK. I was thinking it would be a great activity for me and my daughter. You get to see some of the performances, meet lots of new people, have a mini-break from home and at the same time are helping Oxfam to raise money for all their good causes. I will be signing up for this next year.

    Thanks for reminding me of the rewards of volunteering :)