Friday, November 15, 2013

Gratitude - Day 15

I was recently witness to an incredible act of kindness. Without going into details, I just want to say that it was an amazingly selfless thing I saw one person do for another, simply because the one person couldn't imagine wanting to be able to do a thing but not having the tools to do it.

It makes me misty just thinking about it, because I see too many people grumbling about how horrible people are, and I read so many horrible stories, but the reality of my life is that more often than not what I see of people is that people are good and kind and generous and thoughtful.

I am so thankful that the people I know in my real, everyday life are, mostly, good people, who strive, always to do, mostly, good things for themselves, for others and for the world.

I am humbled by them and incredibly thankful that I can be witness to their acts.


  1. It's all part of belonging to a community as you mentioned in your post on day 13.Making connections with others allows people to make those kinds of gestures. I also believe people are mainly kind and generous when given the opportunity. Just recently we had a bit of a family crisis and the people I had connected with through LETS and other local groups supported us in many ways. It's good to make those kinds of connections with like minded people, and I will be happy to repay the favour when needed.

  2. The local council workers arrived in their vans to trim the trees along the footpaths. They parked outside our house and I knew the whole morning would be noisy with chainsaws and shredders. I had just got home when they arrived so offered them tea and some home made rock buns and left them to it. When I looked out later they had trimmed my hedge for me too, which saved me a job. They even swept up all the trimmings and leaves :)

    It is such a nice feeling to surprise a stranger with kindness or generousity. I love the saying 'what goes around comes around', and I always hope that the kindness spreads. I'm glad you experience it too :)