Monday, November 11, 2013

Gratitude - Day 11

Every year there comes a day when it's just cold, and we've dealt with the chill in the house long enough that we just don't want to deal with it any more. It's usually when the night temps drop below freezing. That day we start a fire in the woodstove, and that fire stays lit - usually being rekindled in the morning using coals from the previous days' flames - until the spring.

We held out, this year, until almost Hallow'een. Our first fire was October 25, and we thought that would be the day that it stayed lit until next year.

It's been a weird season. The days are actually warm - relatively. Today, I don't have a fire in the woodstove. It just doesn't make sense to use that fuel when it's not terribly cold in here. It's not terribly cold out there, actually.

My girls found a short video, called a "Vine". It has two guys talking, and goes something like,

Guy One: "Temperature check."

Guy Two: "It's 60°. You know what that means."

Guys prop their booted feet up on coffee table and in unison declare: "Ugg boot weather!"

Personally, I think 60° is a bit warm for Ugg boots, but I'm certain that I would have been happy for the lined warmth of them when I was in junior high and living in the deep south.

Now, though, I am thankful that, after a decade and a half of living here in Maine, I am finally acclimated to the environment enough that I can live in a house with no heat when the temperatures outside dip into "Ugg-Boot" weather ... and I'm too warm to consider putting those Ugg boots on ... unless I'm not wearing any socks.

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