Monday, October 21, 2013

Pin-Ups ... of the Cloth Kind

I always hang shirts upside-down on the clothes line, and never by the shoulders.

Why? You ask.

Because when you hang the shirts by the shoulders, it leaves a little clothespin divot, and then, when you wear the shirt, it looks like you have a bump on your shoulder.

What? These aren't thoughts everyone has?


  1. I have this discussion all the time with the children when they hang out the washing.. wrong! Hard to get good help..

  2. I discovered that one a couple years ago. It does mean that long sleeve shirts take longer to dry, although you can always bring some hangers outside and dry them on those without strange bulges.

  3. Totally with you on that, I hang my washing in a way that I can avoid ironing where possible!

  4. That's why I do too! I thought it was just me over analysing everything!

  5. Yes, you are correct!! That's how my mom taught me!

  6. My mother approves!
    I had to shake my head the other day--my husband hung out the wash while I was at work; I came home to shirts pinned up by the shoulders! I quickly turned mine all upside down; I wonder if he noticed. So, note to self: teach my sons the 'proper' way to hang up wet clothes!