Friday, October 11, 2013


The leaves are littering the yard. The garden is not quite sure it's done, but it's definitely waning. The bees have slowed, even on the sunny days, which haven't been much warmer than 70° for the last few.

The nights have been chilly and condensation is on every window almost as soon as the sun sets each evening. The temperature hasn't dropped below freezing, yet, and we're trying to see if we can hold out until then to start the woodstove, which hasn't, yet, had it's first fire of the season.

We have a couple of extra comforters on the beds, and my wool socks and sweaters have come out of the drawer.

Soup is what's for dinner ... and baking? Why, yes, please, because it warms up the house, which is a good thing this time of year.

My favorite part of this time of year is the color - the brilliant oranges and reds ... and I LOVE the pumpkins. Every time I stop at the farm stand, I buy another one. I envision lots of pumpkin bread and pumpkin soup and baked pumpkin with apples drowning in butter and maple syrup, and if my daughter has her way, we'll have pumpkin pie in there somewhere, too. For a snack, a few pumpkin seeds, drizzled in olive oil and roasted and salted. Yum!

I don't have a favorite time of year. What I love is when the change has happened, and we realize that we are fully in that new season.

The leaves are littering the yard, and bright orange pumpkins are starting to accumulate wherever there is space for them.

Welcome, Autumn. Stay a while?


  1. I have to agree on loving the change! Every season seems to be my favorite when it starts, and by the time it is ready to pass on to the next, I am ready for it. Although I could probably do without mud season...

  2. Tasha Marie - I received your note. Please leave another comment with your email address so that I can contact you. It won't be published ;).