Thursday, August 1, 2013

Question for Readers in the UK

This was posted on a forum over here in the US, and I was hoping I could find out if it's actually true.

The British government is warning their people of an impending solar flare, they refer to as a "solar superstorm". The government is warning their population of the possibility of a "slight" disruption in power and communications for a duration. That is a very British way of saying that the power is going to be out for "weeks, months, or maybe slightly longer". They are asking their population to consider alternative forms of power.

There hasn't been much talk of solar flares here in the US, with the exception of the occasional reporting in a science rag - which no one is taking seriously (because we might miss the important news - like which politician is soliciting sex in the bathroom or which celebrity is filing for divorce or who just won the latest reality show).

I'm just curious if the British government has really issued this kind of warning to their people - that is, the general population.

Thanks ;).


  1. Where did you read this? Just curious. I'm in seacoast NH, so can't really give you any more info on what you posted. :)

  2. It was on a gardening forum, and I'd just like to find out if any bit of it is true from people who live there ;). That's the magic of the Internet, right?

  3. ive not heard it everyone would be panic buying. Ages ago on the BBc news they did an article about solar flares. Maybe someone got the wrong end of the stick?

    I will ask the ladies at work

  4. check out here

    we are off to scandinavia in October when the flares are suppose to be massive. hunting the northern lights

  5. @ Sol - thank you. I can't imagine that if the British gov had said something like that, that it would *not* have made international headlines, but I wanted to see if there was any validity.


    sorry forgot the link

  7. Wendy - I read a piece at referring to the Carrington Event in 1859. The article was near the end of the blog and was attributed to

  8. When I went searching for confirmation of the rumor, I didn't find that any government had warned anyone of potential problems from solar flares, but I have seen a lot of info on them over the last year and a half.

    For those interested, this is a good site for information related to solar flares.