Thursday, August 22, 2013

Felling Trees

Today, for the first time ever, we had someone cut down a very large tree on our property.

I don't, usually, like it when people take down trees, even saplings, but I do recognize that some culling can beneficial to the surrounding trees. When the trees are growing too closely together, they don't grow as well. Given that we burn wood for heat, I also recognize that we need those trees for fuel.

I guess what bothers me about the cutting of trees is really when a whole area is razed for another building, and yes, that bothers me ... a LOT, especially considering how many empty and/or for sale homes I pass and how many empty and/or for lease store fronts I see. We don't need more buildings. We don't. And there have been plenty of old homes that have had "green" makeovers. We don't need to destroy more wild space to build something new when there are so many already developed spaces that could be renovated - or at worst, the old building torn down and something rebuilt on the same footprint.

The tree we had taken down was a dead oak, and it had been standing dead for at least a season. The arborist told us that it will be ready to burn this winter. Our neighbor had a dead maple, and with our neighbor's permission, we paid to have the arborist cut it down too. Our neighbor is giving us the wood.

I am thankful for the wood that will warm our home this winter, and down where that old oak stood is a smaller oak - its offspring, I'm sure - that may have a chance, now that it can see the sun.

And wouldn't it be grand if I'm still here to see the baby oak get as big and majestic as the one that was just felled?

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  1. We had to cull a few trees thwt were planted way to close to the house. It opened it all up and let the sun through to access our solar panels. But we have replanted three trees for everyone we took down so I don't feel so bad.