Friday, June 7, 2013


Some time back, I mused about the merits of recycling versus reusing and I posted a link to a tutorial on making wine bottles into glasses.

We reuse wine bottles and beer bottles, but we also, occasionally buy (locally brewed) soft drinks (from the Maine Root company which is headquartered in a neighboring town and within comfortable biking distance to my house) in glass bottles, which are returned, crushed and turned into something else. All those glass bottles, which must be remade, using so much energy and so many resources. We thought it would be fun to be able to do something different.

And so we are. We'll be making glasses, and in the long run, those glasses we make will be a lot cheaper - both for us and for the environment, than even buying used glasses secondhand at yard sales or Goodwill.

Even better, though, is that making glasses from repurposed wine or soda bottles will give us a stash of dishes for when we have parties - like this past weekend to celebrate a family wedding. We hosted the reception here at Chez Brown. Dinner included home-cooked foods (some of which were grown here and much of the rest of which was locally sourced) served on real plates with cloth napkins. The only waste was composted food, which isn't waste.

At this party, we used canning jars for drinking glasses, but at the next party, those jars will more than likely be filled with something grown or gleaned over our too-short summer. Being able to make glasses will be both fun, and a pretty cool conversation piece.

Now, we're scheming what to do with the tops of the bottles.


  1. One possible use of tops would be as a funnel, perfect shape

  2. Wind chimes? That would use at least some of them and they might make nice gifts.