Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Good For You

Two Gingers Napping

Studies have shown that napping is actually a healthy habit. Our pets know it. Kids know it. In fact, if I'm remembering correctly, nap time was part of the school day back in Kindergarten. It just seems odd that once a kid hits first grade, suddenly the napping thing is no longer allowed. I mean, not even just discouraged, but no longer allowed! In fact, older school children and adults, who might really need a nap, get branded lazy or good-for-nothing if caught napping.

It's unfortunate that our culture forbids napping, because current research shows that there is significant benefit to napping. In addition to promoting health, it also increases productivity and creativity.

I like napping, when I get the chance. Fifteen minutes to curl up on the couch is just exactly what I need on those days when my brain just feels foggy, and if I'm given a chance to rest, quietly and undisturbed, I wake completely refreshed and ready to finish out the day. It's not every day that I get to (or even need to), but on those days when I'm feeling sluggish, having that nap helps get me through the day.

All this talk about snoozing is making me ... *yawn* ... I might kick the dog off the couch and join the little ginger. The only thing better than taking a nap, is having a nap buddy to snuggle.

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