Saturday, May 11, 2013


The story starts last week.

I had spent the morning running errands. In the afternoon, I had one more errand that I needed to run, and when I got into the car to go, the car wouldn't. It just wouldn't even start. So, we had it towed to a fix-it place, and they kept it there for a couple of days, figuring out what was wrong. At the time, my comment was that if I had to be stranded somewhere with a car that wouldn't start, I felt fortunate that it was at home.

When the repairs were completed (many hundreds of dollars later), we picked up the car and drove home, but about a mile from our front door, I noticed steam rising from the hood. Deus Ex Machina diagnosed a radiator problem. We called the repair shop and arranged to have them look at this new development. A few more hundred dollars later, we had a car, old, but operational ... or so we thought.

Fast-forward a week, and Deus Ex Machina is out of town, and I'm transporting our daughters to their dance classes. We stop at a coffee shop that's between our house and the dance school, but when we get back into the car to drive the rest of the way to the dance school, the car won't start. I turn the key, all of the lights on the dashboard light up, I hear a click, but nothing else happens.

The people in the coffee shop are very kind and allow us to use their phone. A friend from the dance school comes to get us. Once at the dance school, I arrange for a ride home, and at home, I contact my insurance company (we have road-side service) to arrange for a tow. BUT, I have to be with the car when the tow-truck driver arrives.

And so, I get a ride back out to the coffee shop, where my car has been sitting all morning. When we arrive, I try to start the car, and it does.

It could have been an incredibly stressful situation, but it wasn't, and I learned a wonderful thing today. I discovered what an amazing network of friends and family I have - people who are willing to simply drop whatever they're doing and help me.

It has been a very humbling realization, and it was a wonderful gift from the Universe.

I am blessed ... so very blessed.

And my daughters are making lemonade with their friend as I type ;).

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