Thursday, April 11, 2013

Catching Up

I received a note in the mail from a cable provider.  It contains the usual marketing gimmicks designed to cause us stress and worry that our lives will be less fulfilling if we don't have their product - "Hurray!  Don't Miss Out!" ... "Limited Time Offer!".   The message inside said, in big blue lettering, Warming up by the fire is nice. Warming up with over 150 channels is amazing.


The picture, which undoubtedly is supposed to be appealing, is of a multi-generational family sitting on the couch with smiles of pure delight and joy, leaning forward, and, presumably, watching television.  They were not interacting with each other, not facing each other, not having conversations with each other.


Instead of interacting with one another as a family, they were "warming up with over 150 channels."

The first paragraph starts out with the exclamation, "Great news!" and then goes on to tell me how I can "save money AND simplify [my] life." Because having DirectTV promotes the simple life.

Not once, in the more than two years since getting rid of our set have I missed or regretted not having a television.

I'm sure, before we got rid of it, I convinced myself of all sorts of reasons to keep it. I'm even pretty sure that I heard a few of them coming out of Deus Ex Machina's mouth before we stopped watching it altogether, and he realized that it was not something we needed (or wanted) in our lives.

People lived in this world for a very long time without television, and they lived well and happy lives.

The good news is that, thanks in part to their sending me the letter, the first sentence in blue will be accurate - by tossing their note in my woodstove, I'll know the truth of the statement, warming up by the fire is nice..


And speaking of things that are nice ... Little Fire Faery came running in this morning from doing her morning chores outside to ask what I had planted in the greenhouse.

"Lettuce. Broccoli. Globe artichoke. Why?"

"Because it's growing," she told me.

This is the first year of using our greenhouse as a greenhouse. It actually started life as a chicken coop, and then, it spent some time as the duck coop (but, for whatever reason, the ducks prefer being where the chickens are - go figure). Over the winter the duck coop housed rabbits.

It was only a few weeks ago that all of the animals were moved out of the coop, and it has taken on a new life as a greenhouse - an honest-to-goodness greenhouse, and green things are really, really growing there.

I'm so excited and I can hardly wait for our first salad from our greenhouse greens. I'm also excited to have a place for plant starts, since trying to start plants in the sunny bedroom window has not been terribly successful, and seeding everything straight in the garden means that some things don't ever really produce as much as they might if they had a bit of a longer season. We should have a good year of tomatoes, peppers and melons using the greenhouse to extend their season.


  1. Funny. It's like people who go out to eat and text the whole time.

    Do you have any concerns about fecal matter in the greenhouse soil, or did you solarize it? Just wondering...

  2. I'm not worried about fecal matter in the greenhouse - not any more than I am about it being in my garden beds, as we use our animal manure to fertilize our garden beds, also. ;)

    That said the plants in the greenhouse - with the one exception - are in containers, and the one bed that's not was top-coated with compost, which is what the seeds were planted in. None of the animals are given access to the greenhouse, which would prevent any contamination, but also, because if they got in, they'd eat all of the plants before I could even get a taste ;).

  3. I'm constantly amazing at the number of people I know that feel they would almost DIE if they could not watch TV. Or go on and on about all the stuff they just have to watch. I love to get the complete blank stares when I say I don't watch TV, or just rarely watch. Their brains just almost start smoking.

  4. would swap my channels for a wood burning stove any day:-(