Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bountiful Sunday

I usually like to sleep-in on Sundays. The rest of the week is so full of things to do, and Sunday is that one day of the week when we don't, usually, schedule things. It's the one day of the week when stuff around the house gets done.

This morning, I got up a bit earlier than I usually do on Sunday. The sun was bright, and I knew it was going to be a laundry day. I wanted to get up and get some clothes on the line. Deus Ex Machina had already gotten out of bed to feed the dogs, and he was having a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet of our sleeping house, reading a book.

I joined him in the living room with my cup of tea, and we chatted quietly about what we wanted to accomplish this day.

Cutting down the neighbor's two spruce trees was priority number one.

We waited until the girls got up, and then headed outside to get started. There was a SNAFU with the chainsaw, and while Deus Ex Machina was working on that problem, Little Fire Faery, Precious and I filled some plant pots with dirt and planted some seeds to put in the greenhouse: basil, cumin, and spinach. The broccoli, lettuce, and nasturtiums for sprouts in there are growing beautifully.

I gave some edible flower seeds to Little Fire Faery and Precious, and they scattered them under the beehives. I can't wait until the middle of the summer when the flowers are in full bloom and buzzing with life as the bees harvest the pollen.

Once the chainsaw was working again, Deus Ex Machina got to work on the trees. He cut, and we helped by hauling away the limbs, and then, putting the logs in the wagon so they could be stacked to dry for next winter.

After we took care of the trees, I made some egg sandwiches for lunch, and then, we headed back outside.

The next project was to move the garden bed and dig up the Jerusalem artichokes. We harvested almost 50 lbs of Jerusalem artichokes, which is pretty incredible, considering it's an almost feral plant. We plant the bulbs, but then, pretty much ignore it until the next harvest. The plan is to clean the roots, slice them thin, dehydrate them and grind them into flour for things like pancakes or crepes.

We replanted a few of the bulbs and transplanted the asparagus we'd unearthed from the Jerusalem artichoke harvest.

Then, Big Little Sister and Little Fire Faery chose their garden beds for the year. Big Little Sister planted peas and carrots in her bed. Little Fire Faery transplanted some bee balm into hers and has plans for growing a bed full of nasturtiums - which are her favorite plant to grow ... I may have to take her seed shopping at some point.

We spent the whole day outside, working together as a family, and enjoying our beautiful space.

It has been such an incredible day, and I'm so thankful for every single second.


  1. Sounds like a productive, team effort. It's so great your kids are involved and learning all those skills. Good for you :)

  2. Thank you, Nancy.

    What's even better is their attitude. They never complain or whine, and for the most part, when we ask them to help they help until we don't need them to help anymore.

    Even more, they had a really hard day at dance yesterday, and so they are all sore and stiff, and even still - no whining, no complaining, no asking if they could stop.

    They are so amazing, and I'm so lucky to be their mom.

  3. After a week of national news ranging from infuriating to horrific, what a great story. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your kind words, A. Marie.

    I didn't even think once about the rest of the world today :).

  5. What a perfect day!! Today was one of the first days I didn't spend in my garden (although I did sneak in a walk-through to check on seedlings and saw some rhubarb peeking up too - exciting!). Don't you just love days where everyone is together and going at their own pace?

  6. I love nasturtiums too. Glad to hear some good news :-)

  7. It was a perfect day to get outside and get your hands "dirty" and enjoy the sun! You described it perfectly!