Sunday, March 31, 2013

The First Sunday After the First Full Moon Following the Spring Equinox

It's quite possible that Deus Ex Machina and I pay too much attention to the seasons and not quite enough to the calendar.

We have five bunnies that need to be harvested, and we've been putting it off. We should have done it last weekend, but got too busy with other stuff, and so today is the day.

I hadn't even considered the irony. Big Little Sister pointed it out to me that we're harvesting the rabbits ... on Easter.

In celebration of Spring, we are also planting - peas, carrots and radishes in the garden, and broccoli, artichoke (the globe variety - not sunchokes, aka Jerusalem artichoke, which we have already planted and should be harvesting soon), and some herbs in the greenhouse.

And that's why the rabbits have to be harvested today ... because they've been living in the greenhouse, but can't if we're going to use it to grow plants.

Irony or not. Offensive to our friends and neighbors or not. It has to be done, and today's the day. Such is life on the farm.


  1. Life goes on regardless of the day :)

  2. That is very funny. Lucky your girls are used to the reality of farm life! We were discussing yesterday the ethics of eating rabbit at easter, and decided that next year they should definitely be on the menu!

  3. Even better, Jo, my youngest daughter came out and was helping a little. It was a little weird, and I almost made her go back inside, but I figured if she wanted to help, given that this *is* the way we've chosen to live, that it would be good for her.

    We almost had rabbit for dinner, but got started too late and ended up cooking a roast in the Dutch over on the same fire we were using for our maple syrup.