Saturday, February 9, 2013

We Didn't Lose Nemo

The National Weather Service has started naming winter storms. The one that is still speaking to us here in the Northeast is named Nemo, and as to be expected, Facebook is lit up with pictures of Nemo, the Pixar clown fish, with captions like, Just keep shoveling!

It has turned out to be a pretty large snowstorm with pretty strong gusts. The snow is the feathery light stuff, which makes it easier to shovel ... except that the wind keeps blowing it all over the place, and so we don't know if it's still snowing or if it's just the wind blowing the snow.

Either way, we don't ever recall being quite so buried with only one storm. This is the first time, ever, that I can remember looking at the road outside and nothing - - passed for more than a minute. Even in the wee hours of the night, I've seen more traffic than I see today.

Not complaining, mind you. I'm actually quite thankful. We have a warm house, thanks to the woodstove. The animals in the backyard are safe in their sturdy enclosures (although the opened side of the rabbit's hutches are filled with windblown snow). The beehive was, quite literally, buried. We could only see a corner. That could be a good thing - as the snow may have provided some insulation against the cold wind.

We have plenty of everything we might need. The food is abundant, and we have multiple ways to cook it. We'll roast a chicken for dinner tonight.

If we lose power, we have oil lamps and candles, a plenty, and we have ways to power laptops, if we really need or want them.

We'll be fine while the storm rages, and even if we had to spend a few days snowed in, we'd be fine.

Actually, it's a nice change of pace.

That little black speck in the fore ground of the photo is the roof of the beehive

Deus Ex Machina's car is buried under that drift.

We, literally, had to dig to get out of the house.

By the way, I will admit to running out to the store in advance of the storm to pick-up some stuff, but what I brought home was probably not the usual storm supplies.

I stopped at the hardware store for paint. I figured if we were going to be snowbound for a day or two, we could take that time to do a project we're usually too busy to accomplish ...

... which gives me one more reason to be thankful for this forced hibernation.


  1. Wow, this Aussie girl has never seen snow like that! It looks all very Little House on the Prairie. I bet your girls are loving it! There's nothing like that feeling of relief and cheerful smugness when you are all prepared for an event like this, and can kick back and enjoy it. Do you have to snowshoe out to feed those bunnies and chickens?

  2. Actually it was The Weather Channel that started naming storms. NOT the National Weather Service. Thank goodness. I'd like to think my taxes are going towards something better.
    I normally love the snow, but I wish this storm had come a week later.

  3. Thinking of you, Wendy, and a past comment/conversation. I just finished shoveling off the deck (it looked like your photo opening the door), and the laundry is about done. It's a gorgeous sunny day here in NH, and I want to take advantage of it before the rain comes tomorrow to hang out another load!

    To those others here in New England - don't forget to shovel off those areas that could become a problem if waterlogged with rain, followed by freezing, this coming week!

  4. Love that you are type of family who are always prepared. Thought of you reading the following as I know you heat with wood. 5 February post.